Busse Photography


Hello, I’m Konrad Busse, a Mallorca & Destination Wedding Photographer. Here to save your most important and beautiful moments in your life.


I love capturing happiness in photos. For this reason, wedding photography became my path in life here in Mallorca. Emotions, feelings and people are the most important parts of every wedding. They make the story of YOUR day. I like to think of myself as a storyteller.

As a wedding photographer, I have the pleasure of telling the story of your wedding day from start to finish through my photos. Not only I am honoured to share all the happiness and joy with you and your loved ones, but also to be the author of emotional and sentimental photos that you will treasure and cherish forever! I photograph freely, raw, yet subtle at the same time. I am here to document your day, I am here for YOU!

I try to capture people as they are: I’m a fun of authentic emotions. I strive to ensure that the wedding photography that comes from my camera is vibrant , expressive, timeless and full of love.

Because that’s what all of this is about – love!